We bought a rose farm!

Yes, we bought a beautiful rose farm! I know this sounds totally out of the blue but having a holiday house was always on my “dream list”.

In fact, about six months ago, I started writing in my journal “beautiful holiday house that can be in our family for generations”.

Not long after writing this out daily, I found this incredible property. My first thought was “no way, not the right timing”.

But I wasn’t specific! I didn’t put a time frame on it. So the Universe is like “here it is!”



Seriously – journalling works!

A few months later, it was still listed for sale, and I knew I had to jump on it. If you asked me the “right time” to buy a farm, I would have said, “in about ten years”. But sometimes opportunities come up and you have to jump and make it happen.

I told Mark, “there’s always more money, but there’s not many rose farms about, especially ones that fit us perfectly”.

I have a big emotional vision for this property. I can see our kids getting married there. I can picture having a glamping weekend with all of George’s friends, “GeorgeFest”.

I can see a beautiful pink barn with pink quartz embedded in the floor. Running flower pressing workshops and inviting entrepreneurs to come together to rest, relax and sit under the stars.

Making Lucky Bee honey! Life-sized Goddess Fortuna statues!

For someone who has moved every 6-12 months my entire life, buying something like this and putting down roots is… a bit daunting!

I know this place is planting seeds for something amazing. More pleasure, creativity, and community in my life.

Look for signs

Now, I’m a ridiculous optimist, but when I’m going for a big goal, I look for any sign anywhere that my dream is coming true.

I started singing “Rose’s Turn” from the musical Gypsy, especially the lines “everything’s coming up roses, this time for me!”

Then I remembered Piper’s middle name is… ROSE.

Then I realized that my toilet paper had roses on it. It’s another sign!

It might seem stupidly Pollyannish but it really helps me. If I believe that I can, then I’m more likely to take the action I need.

Dreaming is free

For the past year, I’ve been reading Country Style magazine and dreaming about a country house “one day”. Even though I thought it was a completely unrealistic dream for me, I still read the magazine with pleasure and let myself think “What if?”

Then I started creating Pinterest and Instagram boards with dream images of rustic barns and country estates with cute picket fences. TOTALLY FREE.

So many people don’t even allow themselves to do these really simple actions. Like I wouldn’t even let myself window shop when I was broke. But it’s FREE to dream.

I don’t “need” a rose farm. I don’t need a holiday house. I had many nights second guessing this dream, “who am I to have not one but TWO dream houses?”

It started with dreaming. Asking myself “If I did have a country house, what would it look like?”

Take action

You know what else is free? Going to open houses. Going to visit your dream area. Go breathe in the air and say “I could live here”.

Most of the big action I’ve taken in my business is because of big dreams. They’ll motivate you to do the work.

Two years ago, we bought our dream piece of land. We didn’t have all the money for it, so we did a massive launch. And we did the same for the rose farm. I had planned to take the whole second half of the year off, but the Universe had other plans.

The first thing we did was call our broker, just to find out numbers. So many people tell me their dream is to buy a property but they can’t afford it. But the truth is, they don’t even know how much they need. Or know if their credit is good enough. They just sit in the fear.

Do you know how much your dream costs?

Both times, I said to our financial advisors “Give me six weeks and I’ll be back with the money” – then I got to work. Not just by wishing and hoping the money would appear, but by giving the Universe a conduit through my business.

Every time I procrastinated during that launch, I reminded myself of the dream. I looked at the real estate listing. I watched the video. I dreamed about the workshops we’d do there.

What’s your dream?

What dream are you keeping secret because you think it’s not the right time? Or you feel like you’re not worthy of dreaming yet?

Just give yourself permission to write it down, and see what the Universe brings you. If you see signs, follow them! Get into action and see if you can make it happen.

Life is short, create your dream life now!

Hope to see you at the rose farm one day for a Lucky Bee retreat! This is a long-term project and won’t happen overnight but I’ll keep you updated.






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