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Interview Denise Duffield-Thomas

Thanks for your request to interview me!

Please let me know more details about your event or interview idea, I love doing interviews!

Suggested interview topics

My best topics are biz, money, money blocks, women in biz, personal development, Law of Attraction, abundance and creating success.

For example…

  • How entrepreneurs sabotage their income (we can get specific on individual professions or niche groups)
  • How to use the Law of Attraction to manifest money
  • The mental game of making money online
  • How to clear money blocks

or we can freestyle on biz and money!

I usually say no to:

Just going to be real here, so I don’t waste your time.

  • Non money based interviews. I know a lot about Hollywood gossip but it’s not my zone of genius!
  • Live recordings (a bit hard with timezones and a baby). I can only offer pre-record right now.
  • Being an expert on paid programs or anything requires an optin. I’m a free bitch baby.
  • Group telesummits. Please no.

I don’t want to make you jump through any hoops, but to give you an idea of what I say yes to….

  • A decent amount of subscribers on your newsletter list (excluding other participants/interviewees)
  • A money based topic or interview for your blog (usually a non-opt in based interview)
  • A win-win fit in terms of branding (ie. neither of us would be embarrassed to showcase each other)
  • Audience of female entrepreneurs who like to do things outside the box (and aren’t afraid of a little swearing)

Here’s how I promote you

After our interview…

  • I post on my Facebook page once
  • I add the link to a recurring queue on Twitter that will go out forever
  • I add your photo and a blurb to my interview page.


I’m based in Newcastle, Australia and set aside three days a week for interviews. Unless you’re Oprah, I’m sorry I can’t do weekends. (Oprah, is that you? Let’s talk!)

How do I schedule in an interview?

Fill in the form below with all your details. If there’s a fit, my team will contact you within 3 business days to get next steps.

I’m also happy to discuss creating a giveaway for your audience or do an affiliate promotion.

xx Denise

  • Either yours or the event's website. It's always great to see the branding before I commit to see if it's a fit.
  • Teleseminar or telesummit? Interview for your blog or newsletter? Live in person conference / workshop? Guest interview / guest lecturer for paid program participants?
  • We'd love to hear more about your event including: key dates, is it a pitch-free event, promo for a product, etc.