How I Manifested 6 Months PAID Luxury Travel

It was advertised as the Ultimate Job in the World. Six months travelling the globe testing out the most romantic and luxurious honeymoon destinations. I knew it was an amazing competition but they were unprepared for the interest it would attract from all around the world. It was literally the prize of a lifetime and…

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Do I Have Money Blocks?

Do you have money blocks? Do I? Time for me to come clean… Watch below to discover whether money blocks are holding you back and how we can finally start to breaking through these negative money beliefs. xx Denise

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men vs women

How We Sell: Men vs Women

Enjoy this clip on the selling styles of men vs women from my recent live event. Lucky Bee Video Transcript – How We Sell: Men vs Women Selling Styles: How Men Sell Ok, so this is how men sell, I’ve got a thing, you’re going to give me money for a thing, just pretend you’re…

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better business

How To Set Better Business Boundaries

Do you need better business boundaries? You’re not alone! You know when everything in your business feels like it’s all too much? Clients contacting you day and night… Paying late or making ridiculous demands and then not even thanking you? What about those annoying people who ask for your time for free, or to “pick your…

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