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Launch Review: My $841,003 launch. Half the work and double the profit

Every September for the last few years I‘ve been pulling back the curtain on how I run product launches and sharing what’s working right now in my biz. I love sharing the REAL numbers, our wins and giving you my take on the mistakes, challenges and changes I’m seeing in the online marketing space. Today…

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I’m a self-made millionaire, and this is EXACTLY how much help I have at home

This should be a straightforward article to write, except that it’s not that simple and I’m not that naive. A man would never need to write this article because it’s just assumed that they have a wife at home doing most of the housework and childcare. But for some reason, a woman outsourcing home help…

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2018 My Year In Review | Denise DT

2018 – My Year In Review

This year went so quickly that I can barely remember. It felt like a bit of a “void” year. At first, I was thinking nothing really happened. Oh yeah, that’s right, I had a baby! I also handed in my third book for Hay House (Chillpreneur, preorder here) and recorded 3 audio books. And bought…

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5 Tips to Get Through the Holidays Without Triggering Your Money Blocks (Too Much)

Hey, lovely! Today, I’ve got a very special Christmas blog for you. We’re talking about five things you can do to make sure that your money blocks aren’t triggered (too much) over the holiday period. It’s the time of the year that can be very stressful for some people, but it doesn’t have to be…

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