Marie Forleo’s B-School: Why You Should Support Your Wife To Join & Invest In Her Business

Thinking of joining Marie Forleo’s B-School but worried what your partner would say? Yep – been there!

Investing in yourself takes courage – and quite often the support of other people in your life too!

Marie’s B-School runs just once a year, so you definitely don’t want to miss out.

B-School enrolment will open on Tuesday 19 February and the best way to learn more about Marie, get some epic online training and find out about B-School is to check out Marie’s incredible FREE training workshop. It’s all about how to build and grow an online business and brand you love (the non-sleazy way).

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Second, I asked my own husband what he would say to another partner who is skeptical about investing in “yet another” business course.

Take it away Mark….

So your partner or wife is considering joining Marie Forleo’s B-School?

Well mate, congratulations, her business and your life together is about to get pretty awesome.

Mark and Denise Duffield-ThomasIf you’re like me, you want your partner to do something that she loves, that makes a difference and makes millions of dollars. If this is the case, then you probably also understand that reaching this nirvana will take a lot of work and will bring up a lot of “stuff” for you to work through as a couple.

After starting her business part-time a few years ago, Denise started talking about Marie and the B-School course that she wanted to join. The benefits seemed pretty clear; despite having a business degree, the world of online marketing was new to us and in Marie, Denise was going to get access to an expert and the chance to learn with other aspiring business women.

But I certainly remember feeling nervous, because when you’re starting out in business, spending two thousand dollars on education is a step up. Since B-School we have probably invested 100 times this amount on professional development, but you have to see it as exactly that, an investment in future of your partner’s business.

As men, we are practical, action orientated and have a tendency to be know it alls. Although you want to support your partner, it is normal for you to be a bit unsure about what she is doing. I often thought, maybe she can wait until next year to do this course when she is making a bit more money. I have absolute belief in my wife that is repaid a hundred fold every day, but I still remember thinking; is this a real business? Can she make a living out of this? What is her product? Who is her audience?

Within a few weeks, B-School began to answer these questions. By being exposed to Marie’s business and surrounded by other business women, Denise was not only building her expertise, but probably more importantly, she was building her belief. B-School provided the inspiration of what was possible as well as the techniques for Denise to get started and make money quickly.

Whether you’re male or female; fear, self-doubt and procrastination happen to us all. This is when your partner will need a role-model, a teacher, a counsellor, friend or problem-solver. The key thing to understand is that when your partner invests in B-School she is not just getting a set of books or videos that will sit in the corner. She will get some real skills and lessons to immediately improve the performance of her business plus life-time membership in a powerful fraternity of go-getting women.

Combined with the support from you, her loving partner, this expertise and network will help her step up (higher and quicker than you can imagine).

For your partner to build a business, you both have to treat it as a business and decide as a couple to invest in her as the CEO. Nowadays, I know that Denise’s hard work, studying and the work she has done on herself will provide the income to let our family to live the life we want. With Denise on-track to a 7-figure business, looking back, the decision to invest in B-School it looks like both one of the biggest but also easiest decisions she made and is an investment that continues to be a cornerstone of Denise’s success.

Even if it takes time and the first 8-weeks are hard work, your partner can simply re-take the course. I have never met Marie and have not done the program, but I’ve seen Denise’s transformation and we have enough B-Schoolers in our friendship group for me to know that “Once a B-Schooler always a B-Schooler“.

Marie’s B-School runs just once a year, so you definitely don’t want to miss out.

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We’ve already had emails from people saying how much they regretted not joining last year, so don’t miss out.

This is a community of empowered, inspired, successful women building purposeful, profitable businesses. This is a community you want your wife to be part of, trust me, it can change both of your lives.

If you can’t handle an empowered, ambitious, feisty wife who knows what she stands for and wants, then don’t support her B-School application. If you want her to be rich, happy and hot, do.

– Mark Duffield-Thomas

Note from Denise…

Mark supported my business financially for pretty much the first year – that means that we made a decision as a couple to really invest not only time but money into helping me do something I love. It wasn’t an easy decision necessarily – there were plenty of times when I felt guilty for investing my growing profits back into the business – by doing things like B-School.

Seriously though – it has paid off – this year, we’re sending Mark to Brazil for the World Cup – something we NEVER would have afforded to do without the success of my business. Gosh – if that doesn’t sell your man… what will 🙂

P.S. I can offer you an amazing package deal as I’m a proud affiliate for B-School and I get a referral fee from Marie. I’d never recommend it if it hadn’t changed my life.

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